Elizabeth Hawkenson Threatened Losing Scholarships After Shown in Video Porn

Elizabeth Hawkenson, 18 years old, an undergraduate student at Arizona State University, faced problems after appearing in porn videos. The reason Elizabeth Hawkenson willing to take part in a porn video because she needed money to finance her study. She paid $ 2000 for videos that appear on the site backroomcastingcouch.com. A letter requesting the cancellation of $ 33,000 scholarship in the name of Hawkenson has been sent to the university because she has brought shame on the university with her actions.

There are different versions of a report on suspension of scholarship. Some claim that the scholarship had been canceled, while other reports claim that her scholarship was still there. There also speculating that the suspension letter may be an attempt to popularize video porn of Elizabeth Hawkenson because council reported not receiving any mail.

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