Rick Perry Running For the U.S. Presidential Candidates

Texas Governor Rick Perry to run in the United States presidential election of the Republican Party on Saturday.

Earlier, Mitt Romney's run for the party to compete against President Barack Obama in the presidential election on November 6 next year. Romney is a millionaire investor and former governor of Massachusetts.

Other figures of the Republican nomination to enliven the bourse is Congressman Michele Bachmann and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Obama still faces economic problems with unemployment rates above nine percent due to global crisis of 2008.

Perry, who replaces George W. Bush as governor in 2000 hoping he can achieve his goal by a combination of various abilities.

"I am pro-business governor. I would become president pro-business," said Perry told Time magazine in an interview published Thursday.

His statement was the opposition of the taxes and regulations in accordance with his beliefs as a Christian.

The next day he promised his conservative groups at Republican dinner in Alabama, where he is seeking support to oppose the regulation of corporate America, who made ​​the Obama administration.

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