Dustin Johnson bunker penalty

Dustin Johnson knocked out of playoff at the PGA Championship on Sunday after he was sentenced to two strokes for the foundation club in the bunker.

At that time, Johnson has led the third round at the U.S. Open, only to have a full meltdown Sunday and shot 82. That is the highest score in U.S. Open by a 54-hole leader since Fred McLeod shot 83 at Chicago Golf Club in 1911.

Related to the Dustin Johnson bunker controversy, Cameron Morfit says the bunker “look like divots taken by giants”. Irregardless of whether the rule was advised and players should know the difference, most contend the “bunkers” should have been eliminated before the week started and never considered bunkers in the first place.

Johnson and Watney spent several minutes in the trailer with the official scoring rules and play again witnessed the shot. Then he declared, “I think I’m going to playoffs,” he said, “and I have a two-stroke penalty.”


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