OSX Lion Launched Soon

Latest Apple Macbook Air

Latest upgrade Mac OS, OSX Lion, will be launched on July 20, 2011, just a few hours from now.

There are many significant changes in these operating systems. There are major changes in the interface, where Apple is trying to implement some features that have been applied to the iPad and iPod, a simple goal, to make as convenient as the iPod and Mac iPad.

One is the LaunchPad, a kind of "Home Screen" on your iPod or iPad, where you can access all your applications from the main screen, without having to visit the folder 'Application' that inconvenient.

Then there is the resume, the backup system that can be given the status of recent activities of all Mac applications, so if you should die suddenly due to power outages or other matters, then all the applications you used before will again run at the Mac back on. This coupled with the autosave feature, where the application will automatically save your work every few times even though you do not command it.

And of course, multi-touch feature adaptation of the IOS has also been applied to the Lion, so you can let your fingers to glide down to your Mac with the help trackpad.

And more fun, you can get OSX Lion is by downloading it directly from Mac Application Store, which according to recent developments, priced at $ 29.99. The price range is quite affordable for an 'experience' of fun.

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