Assange, The Founder of WikiLeaks Finally Free

Assange, 39 years, finally released on bail on Tuesday but the prosecution appealed. He was fighting for was not extradited to Sweden on charges of sex crimes against two women.

Judge Ouseley ordered Assange for cash bail of £ 240,000 and with the condition that she lived at an address in East Anglia, East of England.

Assange said that he was very glad to be back in London. He then expressed his gratitude to all people around the world who believe in him, the lawyer who successfully fight for his release, the people who provide funds and the press and the British justice system.

Assange hoping to prove his innocence in this matter and reveal the evidence he has not been obtained.

Assange was in jail for 8 days. He then plans to live in a house owned by Vaughan Smith, Wikileaks supporters journalist and owner of the club for journalists Frontline Club in London.

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