Fights in Justin Bieber Concert

Justin Bieber concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which was filled by a majority of teenage girl audience, caused a commotion.

Starting time Bieber singing the hit song 'Baby', throwing the towel in the direction of a girl. But the towel fell not targeted, and the fight fans of other women around him. They were fighting and clawing each other to get the towel giving the idol.

Seeing the riots that occurred in the audience, Bieber suddenly stopped singing and intervene the fights.

"Wait, wait, stop, stop! You can't fight over it. Don't fight over it. I don't want anyone to get hurt. Let go - give it to her!" said Bieber, pointing to the girl he meant.

Singer with bangs haircut is back to continue the concert. But he suddenly laughed and did not continue the lyrics of the song 'Baby'.The audience is familiar with the song sing it, too.

Concerts run safely and smoothly without any fuss. After this, Bieber will travel to Australia to continue the journey concert tour.

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