Toyota Recalls 1.7 Million Vehicles

Recall the vehicle becomes a routine activity for Toyota Motors. This time, 1.7 million vehicle units would be recalled because of the risk of fuel leakage.

Toyota together with the Ministry of Transport of Japan, announced a recall of 1.2 million units in Japan and 421,000 units worldwide because of that reason. Among them are 245 000 units of luxury Lexus in the U.S. and 74,590 Lexus, Crown, and several others in Japan.

In Japan, 19 models produced between 2000-2009 will be affected by this recall. "There is a crack in the fuel pipe. If it continue to be used, this gap will get bigger and potentially leaking fuel, "the ministry said in a statement.

Currently, 140 cases have been reported in Japan without any leakage accident. In 2008, Toyota General Motors to end power rule the world automotive market for 77 years. However, the road to greatness, including difficult for Toyota. Especially the economic crisis pounding the automotive sector.

Over the past year, the company also did a lot of recall for various reasons. As the brake and gas pedal problems in automatic transmission vehicles. Annual sales as of 2010 reached 8.41 million, beating General Motors that is only 8.39 million units.

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