United States Refuses the Request of Gaddafi to Stop Air Strikes Into His Country

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States Hillary Clinton refuses a personal request of President Moammar Gaddafi on Barack Obama to stop the war in Libya.

Hillary declared Libyan leader must perform a ceasefire, withdraw its troops, and went into seclusion.

Obama received a letter from Gaddafi's three-page that asks for halt of Western air strikes against his forces, but the U.S. government strongly opposed the request.

Clinton said there should be a ceasefire, troops must be withdrawn from Gaddafi throughout the city where crime has occurred and claimed many lives. There should be a decision made ​​about the decline from power and departure from Libya.

Gaddafi sent a request to Obama when opposition forces managed to take over the oil-producing city again, but the opposition has accused NATO is not enough to help them overthrow Gaddafi from power.

Carney declined to give details of the contents of the letter Gaddafi.

A White House official said it had received many letters from Gaddafi during the last few years and received not taken seriously as the previous letters.

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