Lockheed Martin's IT Network Attacked

American defense company Lockheed Martin said it had detected an attack on its information technology network.

Lockheed Martin's information security team claimed the attack nearly destroy the entire system and data owned by the company.

The incident is currently under investigation and Lockheed Martin said the company worked together to share information with the institutions of U.S. government security.

But so far the company management have not mentioned the alleged attack.

Although time had an attack, Lockheed Martin said the remains believed a layered security system that applied for this.

Lockheed Martin, based in Bethesda, Maryland, employs 125,000 employees worldwide.

This company focuses on designing, developing and building advanced technology system which includes a number of sophisticated weaponry.

Lockheed Martin is one of the world's largest defense company with 74% of 2009 revenues derived from sales of military equipment.

Last year, the company earned income of no less than U.S. $ 48.8 billion.

Some products of this company, among others, the mission of Trident, Orion spy plane, F-16 fighter aircraft and F-22 military transport aircraft Raptos and Hercules C-130.

In addition to producing military equipment, Lockheed Martin is also working with the U.S. Space Agency, NASA.

One of the projects developed by NASA along with Lockheed Martin is a manned Orion spacecraft to carry humans into space is much deeper.

Orion capsule weighing 23 tonnes will initially be used to bring men to the moon and return to Earth.

Orion is one of the manned space exploration project launched by President Barack Obama last year.

However, the program was halted because of budget shortfalls.

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