Whew, iPhone6 Has Started To Be Conversation

If you are a big fan of Apple, last Thursday you might get an e-mail on inbox saying "iPhone4 fabulous" now available in white. Previously, the smart phone comes only in black. Rumors about iPhone5 is spoiled, now the next topic is iPhone6.

Since the debut of iPhone4 on June 2010, people are busy talking about iPhone5 even before its launch that is rumored in Sepetember.

This sounds weird, but it may be normal on hyper-drive world of technology news. So we'll go with it. Here are the view of iPhone6 which have drawn the attention of bloggers who explore technology issues.

1. Everyone seems to mention the upcoming Apple gadget as iPhone6, but it is unclear whether it will actually be called. However, Apple never run chronologically from the past.

2. Year 2012 seem reasonable as the time of its release. The Atlantic wrote about this rumor, "it makes sense according to the smart phone's history, since its debut on 2007, present a new model every year,"

3. Japanese publisher Nikkan start writing rumors of iPhone6 leaks with a post stating Sharp will produce a new type of screen for the cell phone.

4. It is said that the iPhone6 will bring technology "LCD Low temperature poly-silicon", a next generation of display format that enable it looks more slim and lightweight, lower power consumption than traditional LCD screens.

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