Minnesota Government Shutdown

Minnesota state government was forced to shutdown services on the sidelines of a push-pull between the governor and the parliament about the state budget. This further strengthens the threat of bankruptcy administration of President Barack Obama.

Minnesota Republican chairman, Tony Sutton, said Governor Mark Dayton, the "man of rare" and pointing at him has caused terrible suffering for political reasons only.

However, Chairman of the Democratic Labor Party Farmer, Ken Martin, blames the Republicans. Meurutnya, Republicans rejected a proposal put forward by the Dayton because they prefer to protect the rich people of Minnesota over public spending.

Cessation services throughout the state of Minnesota began Friday at 12:01 am. Minnesota state government closure took place at the time the Democrats and Republicans continue hostile to discuss taxes and government spending. Associated Press reported.

Until now, the Congress of the United States did not reach an agreement about the government's debt limit, then in early August, Washington will be declared bankrupt and will not be able to pay the salaries of the employees. Current level of U.S. government debt had reached 1.43 trillion dollars.

More than 23,000 Minnesota workers will face direct impact of the closure of government services.

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