50 Cent Dragged in a Case of Beating a Woman

50 Cent really unlucky fate. Rap singer was dragged into case of beating a woman named Vashti Ortiz.

In Da Club hitmaker is in fact not directly involved in the beating of Ortiz. However, in his report, Ortiz has accused 50 Cent has employed a criminal named Dwayne McKenzie who had molested her in 2008.

50 Cent was also reported in the formal charges filed by Ortiz to the police. The reason for the violence that happens in a place owned by 50 Cent. According to Ortiz, some women were invited by McKenzie for a party. When the party is ongoing, McKenzie do sexually abuse physically and verbally.

Because not stand with such conditions, Ortiz intends to leave the party but she can be stopped. As quoted from Aceshowbiz, Thursday, McKenzie felt offended and asked someone to beat Ortiz.

Although being not in the party, Ortiz sure 50 Cent supposed to know if McKenzie is a criminal who had committed crimes in the past. McKenzie himself was detained by the incident, but are free with give bail.

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