Kim Jong Un Judged Not Ready to Replace Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il's sudden death sparked fears of unrest after the onset of succession in North Korea. Because the figure of Kim Jong Un judged not ready to replace Kim Jong Il as the leader of North Korea.

North Korean government itself has been officially announced about such concerns since last year. Kim Jong Un is still not even 30 years. "We do have to worry about. If there is instability, the impact could trigger a provocation," said Lee Jung-hoon of Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, Monday.

However, Korea's former Unification Minister of the Republic of Korea, Jeong Se-hyun, said sure process of transition of power and leadership will take place in stages, with Jong Un was accompanied by his biological relatives. Se-hyun believe Jong Un mentoring process will be handled only the younger brother of his father, Kim Kyong Hui, with her husband, Jang Song Thaek. Both will play an important role to prepare Jong Un.

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