Launched a Month, 1 Million Units More Samsung Galaxy S II Sold in Korea

Samsung galaxy S II

Samsung galaxy S II has started with a very good debut. How does not, a week before the launch in their home country, Korea, this smartphone has booked a pre-order of 200 thousand units. Following then within three days, Samsung Galaxy S II sold more than 120 thousand units and more than 3 million units booked in a pre-order via the operator.

Now, it is reported that Samsung Galaxy S II claimed to have sold more than 1 million units in Korea.

Samsung Galaxy S II launched since 30 days ago in Korea, was recorded in the daily average this smartphone sold more than 30 thousand units.

Interestingly, total sales of Samsung Galaxy S II turned out to exceed the record ever achieved by its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S. Where noted that sales of 1 million units of Samsung Galaxy S achieved in more than two months since its launch.

If Samsung Galaxy S II was victorious in their home country, how their work globally. We'll see reports later.

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