Samoa and Tokelau Skips Friday

So far, Samoa 21 hours behind Sydney, Australia. But now, two small countries in the Pacific are taking drastic steps to change their time zone in order to enhance regional trade relations.

This means they jump straight from Thursday to Saturday, so there is no Friday on 30 December 2011.

Samoa announced the decision this May in order to increase trade relations with Australia and New Zealand. This step is followed by Tokelau, Samoa neighboring countries, in October.

From now on, in terms of time, Samoa and Tokelau are no longer left behind nearly a day with the two largest trading partner countries in the region, as was the case during this time.

The employees of many companies in Samoa will still get the reward for Friday but the bank loan is not allowed to charge interest on these lost days.

Now, Samoa 3 hours ahead Sydney, no longer 21 hours behind.

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