Mosque Near Ground Zero plans would be relocated?

New York Governor, David Paterson, is planning to discuss the relocation of the Islamic cultural center with a mosque in it which was originally planned for two blocks near Ground Zero. "We work closely with developers," said a spokesman for Paterson, Maggie McKeon. "Indeed there has been no formal discussions between the governor, priest, or the developer. However, we hope to have a meeting scheduled in the near future."

Members of the U.S. Senate for New York, Peter King, said he discussed the matter with Paterson on Tuesday and the governor said that he would meet this week with representatives of Muslim countries to discuss the provision of funds to help them find another location.

A spokesman for the project, Oz Sultan, said the meeting has not been scheduled. "We appreciate the initiative of governor and as we continue to have conversations with many officials," said Sultan.

This project, two blocks from the location of planned attacks of September 11, 2001, oyang destroy the World Trade Centre and killed about 3000 people. The project has created a national debate about whether the Islamic centers should be built there.

"If these people go back and see all the ini, it's true really is in the interests of all people ... khususnya Muslim community, untuk mereka shows that serious about building bridges and that they only tried to make a statement dengan yang memiliki a mosque dibangun di above Ground Zero, "said King.

He said he wanted to see the cultural center and mosque built but far from the location of the attack. Current proposed location will reopen the wound too much, he said.

"This is just opening old wounds and pouring salt into it," he added.

President Barack Obama entered the realm of discussion Friday last week, when he declared his support ATS Muslims to build a cultural center at that location. But a day later he corrected, what he said is in the context of freedom of religion, not an appropriate location for the mosque.

Republicans use Obama's speech was to gain support and attack Democrats.

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