Titanic Sinking Due Driving Mistakes

Titanic Driving Mistakes

Titanic struck an iceberg and sank due to driving mistakes. This is expressed by Louise Patten in her latest book "Good as Gold". In this book She tells the last moment the Titanic struck an iceberg and sank in the inaugural voyage in 1912.

Patten is the granddaughter of Charles Lightoller, officers who served on the Titanic. Patten said the fact was hushed up for nearly 100 years for fear of staining the reputation Lightoller. Later, Lightoller, became a war hero.

According to Patten, Lightoller not explain that fact to the British investigative team and the United States. Lightoller hoping the Titanic did not go bankrupt owners and employees in the shipping companies were not fired.

"This accident could have been avoided if the crew did not make a fatal mistake," Patten said in an interview with British newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

According to Patten, the ship should be driven to the left when the iceberg is clearly visible. However, the interpreters steering, Robert Hitchins, panicked and drove to the right.

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