Kim Kardashian dating John Mayer?

Kim Kardashian Sexy Pic

Kim Kardashian has said that she did not want a relationship with famous men of Hollywood. However, it looks like John Mayer is an exception, Kardashian could not resist the charm of Mayer. Evidently, they were spotted spending time together.

Both were caught on camera enjoying dinner together by bringing their friends. Kim had just celebrated the anniversary of 30 years was just broken love of Miles Austin. Meanwhile, John Mayer, since a breakup with Jennifer Aniston he has never seen together with other female celebrity.

Kim has said she is not the type who expects some specif criteria for the man who would become her best man. She just believes if one day he will find the right guy to be the companion of his life.

"I truly believe a time will come the man who would become my husband," this black-haired artist said excitedly.

So, is it true Kim's relationship with the singer 'Your Body Is Wonderland'? Unfortunately, there has been no official confirmation of Kim and Mayer about their closeness.

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