Conway Cover-Up: Media Ignores Admitted Obstruction Of Justice

Jack Conway’s financial supporters dropped drug trafficking case against Conway’s brother after Senatorial candidate had tipped him off

While hyperventilating over the Lauren Valle stomping incident, the corporate media has ignored a far bigger scandal swirling around the Kentucky Senate race – the fact that financial contributors to Jack Conway’s campaign and Conway himself tipped off Conway’s brother to the fact that he was being investigated for trafficking drugs in an admitted obstruction of justice.

The Kentucky Courier-Journal, which has favored Conway over Rand Paul in the course of the Senatorial race, hid the bombshell story behind a relatively tame headline this past weekend, presumably in a bid to protect Jack Conway from the blowback of the astounding revelations contained in the five page report written by R.G. Dunlop.

The nitty gritty of the issue runs like this – Matthew C. Conway, prosecutor and brother of Jack Conway, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator from Kentucky, was under investigation by the Louisville Metro Police for alleged drug use and drug trafficking.

Two narcotics detectives involved in the case perverted the course of justice by tipping off Conway to the fact that he was under investigation. At least three narcotics officers are now under internal investigation for “policy violations”.

After hearing detectives discussing the case in a restaurant, a Conway campaign supporter then also related the issue to Jack Conway, who in turn tipped off his brother.

“When investigators learned of the leaks and interrogated the two detectives and the prosecutor last March, all three initially gave false or misleading statements about what happened, those records show. The statements of Matthew C. Conway, the prosecutor, were made under oath,” reports the Courier-Journal.

In August of this year, Jefferson County Attorney Michael O’Connell made the decision not to prosecute Matthew Conway. O’Connell is a financial supporter of Jack Conway’s Senate campaign.

Commonwealth’s Attorney David Stengel also dismissed the drug trafficking allegations, without revealing why investigators targeted Conway in the first place. Like O’Connell, Stengel was a supporter and a financial contributor to Jack Conway’s Senate campaign.

“According to, Mr. David Stengel has donated $500 to Jack Conway’s campaign in the past, vested interest? Do we really want a former Jack Conway donor overlooking this? Really?” asks the Capitalist Banner blog.

“Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller reported that the Democrat’s campaign did not reply to an e-mail “seeking elaboration Saturday as to whether Conway, as attorney general, took any steps to involve himself in the investigation,” points out the American Spectator.


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