Gwyneth Paltrow Jumping into the Country Music Awards

Gwyneth Paltrow to sing on Country Music Awards

Newcomers singer usually start their careers from the cafes and small bars. But, not so with Gwyneth Paltrow. In the country music scene, She classified as Newcomers, through her single 'Country Strong. " However, She immediately made a big leap to perform at a Country Music Association Awards (CMA).

No wonder the Oscar-winning actress through the film 'Shakespeare in Love' was admitted excited. Paltrow appearance at the awards event on November 10, 2010 it will be  her debut appearance 'live' as a singer.

"If I do not faint, if I could pass it, all will be fine," She said in a radio interview later quoted "Most people start at the bar, then bigger bar, and finally at the theater. You do not immediately appear on the CMA. It was kind of scary," She continued.

The song 'Strong Country' has led Palltrow became a recognized country singer. To sing the song, Paltrow admitted must learn to play guitar and take the vocals  course.

Soundtrack album 'Strong Country' will be launched October 26. While the film itself is scheduled for release December 22. In the film, Paltrow plays a country singer who struggles to rebuild her career after the fall.

Singing to the scene in the movie is not the first time Paltrow. Previously She ever did through the film 'Duets' in 2000. In the film, She sang a duet with Huey Lewis Smokey Robinson's classic work, 'Cruisin'.

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