Kim Kardashian Rolls Royce Self Reward

Kim Kardashian reward herself by buying a Rolls Royce car

Usually people were given a birthday gift, not for Kim Kardashian. She would reward herself by buying a Rolls Royce car.

Stars show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' marks a new chapter in her life by having an expensive car.

Kim has held a lavish party anniversary celebration of the 30th. The plan, she still will hold a party one more time right at the date of birth, 21 October.

"My friends would visit me once more, right on my birthday," said the woman was born in Los Angeles.

At her golden age, Kim satisfied with the achievement of her career.

"I am a bit scared when people ask, 'How old are you now? I am 30 years'. That bit makes me scared, but I'm satisfied. I also feel you've done a lot of things before the age of 30. I feel very good," he said, accompanied by a smile.

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