Superbowl and Magnets For Under-age Sex Trade

Superbowl Event

Superbowl event was not only a sports carnival featuring the two best American Football team.
But it is also believed would be an excellent transaction underage sex illegal trade, because sports American Football is a sport for men in the U.S..

With so many men came to town last Superbowl venue, much money will be milling and sex will happen thousands of transactions conducted under-age prostitution. Thus disclosed Advocate Children's Rights in Atlanta. 2010-2011 Superbowl finals will be held in Dallas-Fort Worth Arena featuring two teams, Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The event is believed would be a business magnet in all fields, including matters of sex. Activist judge underage sex industry involving millions of dollars of money. For that activists hope the law enforcement work hard to combat the occurrence of sales girls under age at the time of the this annual event.

 "Super Bowl is one of the greatest event of human trafficking in the United States,
"Said the prosecutor from the state of Texas Greg Abbott in January.

Dallas City According to police, the girls under the age of trafficking in danger. Tina Frundt is an example. Women aged 36 was living in a world of prostitution at the age of 14 years. She was raped by three men in Cleveland, Ohio in 1989. Then her boyfriend plunges her to become commercial sex workers.

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