Bryant Is Considered Worthy To Be The Best Player

The Best Player of NBA All Star 2011

Unification of Boston Celtics star and Miami Heat were still unable to stem the strength of Kobe Bryant in NBA All Star 2011 to become the best player aka MVP. Double donations from Bryant can carry the West team won a match that took place at the Staples Center Arena with a value of 148-143.

Bryant's brilliance has looked since the first part-time. Stars of the LA Lakers was immediately donated 21 points and getting closer to clinch the title for the fourth time MVP. Overall, Bryant scored 37 points, 14 rebounds, and 7 assists. This figure beat triple double one of the mainstay of the East team LeBron James with 29 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists.

Bryant might begin by dunk with two hands that made the first-minute match. And it seems a direct result of depressing toil the young star All-Star who actually also gives brilliant results.

In addition to James, who recorded a triple double, there is Kevin Durant who scored 34 numbers in 30 minutes.

Recipient of last year's MVP, Dwayne Wade Bryant admitted agility this time. He said that Everybody wanted him to be MVP. Everyone wishes it was at least indicated by the deserted road given the other players when Bryant counterattack with a pass-break.

Barriers shown little East team when James like heated up and helped his team came from behind to only at odds of two to three balls. In fact, James had tried to block while Bryant scored want the ball to the basket.

In the eyes of Bryant, a chance to become a new star was exploited in a game which is also the closing weekend's NBA All-Star. In two days earlier, Bryant like sighs that let more light beam directed to James and his colleagues at the Miami Heat, four stars from the Boston Celtics, as well as players from the LA Clippers rookie Blake Griffin. "I've been in their place," he said.

According to the assessment of 32-year-old players, young players should always be able to get a place at the All Star to shine. "It's important for me to step aside for a moment. It is very important for me to be able to get the timing right to appear and to keep them healthy. Doing the right thing after 15 years," he said.

Image credited to: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

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