The Book "Great Soul, Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India" Reveals Controversy

The leader of India's freedom movement, Mahatma Gandhi claimed bisexual. He fell in love with a German-Jewish bodybuilder bloody, Hermann Kallenbach. Kallenbach.

This controversial claim was revealed in a recent biography of Gandhi's "Great Soul, Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India". The book was written a former editor of the New York Times, Joseph Lelyveld.

Gandhi, in this book , also mentioned divorce with his wife, Kasturbai Makhanji in 1908 for joint Kallenbach. Makhanji Gandhi married at age 13 years. While Makhanji was one year older.

Gandhi's love of Kallenbach revealed in an article. "I put your photo on the mantelpiece in my room. The fireplace was faced with my bed."

Gandhi called himself 'Upper House' while Kallenbach called the 'Lower House' and he asked Kallenbach vowed not to be tempted by any woman.

Gandhi and Kallenbach split up in 1914, when Gandhi returned to India. Kallenbach forbidden to enter India, while it was happening because of World War I. But they kept in touch through letters.

Lelyveld book reveals another side of Gandhi, especially his personal life including his sex life. The book is well written, how Gandhi's 70-year-old who still routinely having sex with his niece Manu who were aged 17 years.

Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India on October 2, 1869. He studied law at University College London. He then worked in South Africa as a lawyer, until in 1914 he returned to India and start a movement for independence.

Gandhi was shot dead on January 30, 1948 at the age of 78. For most of his followers, Gandhi is a sacred figure. The Indian government has not commented about the book that reveals controversy of  Gandhi.

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