Anonymous Declare War To Sony

Famous hacker group "Anonymous" declared war to Sony. This is carried as a form of rejection of the sentence imposed to George Hotz (GeoHot) and Alexander Egorenkov (graf_chokolo), breaker of PlayStation 3 (PS3). Anonymous also explicitly mentions going to attack the two main sites namely Sony, and The action claimed a fraction of the grand plan behind the attack of hackers.

Sony vs. Anonymous dispute heats up when a hacker succeeds in damaging the PlayStation Network service a while ago. But through their Twitter account, Sony dodged if damage is caused by hackers.

Anonymous also intend to intimidate employees who suspected had an important role in the company, and cooperate with other hacker groups are alleged to have managed to obtain personal data from some Sony employees. Starting from the full name, phone number, home address, email, IP address and some other important information.

The officials at Sony also be attacked in various ways such as, terror through the Skype phone, and put their erotic ads on the Craigslist.

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