Britney Spears Tried To Woo Nicki Minaj

Britney Spears is did not discouraged when he failed to bring Enrique Iglesias. Now, Britney reportedly trying to woo Nicki Minaj to be a guest star in a series of concerts to promote the album "Femme Fatale". If all goes well then the name of Nicki Minaj will be plastered on posters for the next Britney concert.

According to news reported by Splash News, now lawyers of both parties were negotiating a deal about this. This is not just a normal conversation because of both parties seem to have reached the serious stage of talking about this collaboration. It is estimated that within a few days the results of negotiations already be known.

Nicki Minaj is quite a new player in the music world, but lately her name more publicly known even though she only has one album. Considering this achievement, it seems Britney Spears is not the consideration of a wrong decision.

The plan, a promotional tour of this album will open in Sacramento on 17 June. So there are quite a lot of of time for Britney to prepare this long tour.

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