Giorgio Armani to Design Katie Holmes Blazer

Italian designer Giorgio Armani created the iconic Jackie Kennedy in a Chanel suit blazer for the collection of The Kennedy mini-series.

Amid harsh criticism 30 million people to review Kennedy, the fourth part of a biographical film, starring Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear as Jackie and John will continue this week's release tonight on channel TV Show 'History '.

Although innate Holmes in the role Jackie Kennedy did not much get rave reviews, a film depicting the journey Kennedy will still be played. Such issues may sound like garbage, but the appearance of Holmes's clothing in the event to fill the gap in the episode "The Only Way Is Essex and other episodes.

In the film, Holmes's role as Jacqueline Kennedy was seen wearing a replica of the pink Chanel dress on the day of the assassination of John F Kennedy.

Pink Chanel suit is probably the most referenced of all the display icons. Of course, Karl Lagerfield, reliable workers in the field of fashion, is expected to set aside time to make a collection on the sidelines of the busyness of living.

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