Carrie Underwood Does Not Want a Child Soon

Marriage is usually followed by a desire to be cradling a child. But apparently is not the case with Carrie Underwood. Married to the famous Canadian hockey athlete Mike Fisher, American Idol winner who is now a country star was unwilling to rush a family. Why?

It was emphasized to People magazine. The reason turned out to Underwood still want to enjoy married life with Fisher prior to start thinking about children.

Not only unwilling to have children soon, Underwood is also unwilling to let people assume she is pregnant before she herself had announced it publicly.

To prevent that, precisely for her not caught on camera in conditions that allow for the assumed pregnant, Underwood has its own way.

Because of that, Underwood acknowledged that the dress becomes a process that is not as relaxed as usual. She had to think extra before deciding what to wear that day.

Wow, very complicated life, Underwood.

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