Cisco To Stop Flip Video

Flip Portable Video Recorder

Cisco decided to stop production of Flip Video, A portable high-quality video recorder.

In a press release, Cisco states that it chose to close the business unit that produces the Flip following review its business strategy. Cisco has so far not intend to sell it to another party. After sales support to its users will still be done until the transitional period ends.

Cisco took over the business when acquired Pure Digital in 2009 with a value of 590 million U.S. dollars. Flip heralded to be video recorder that allows many people to documenting important moments and share them via the Internet by uploading to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

But lately, Flip hit by the presence of smartphone with high-quality camera. Flip also getting eliminated due to smartphone with a camera that allow users to instantly share content to the Internet. While the Flip is not currently equipped to access the internet, even though WiFi. To move the content inside, users still must connect the Flip to the computer.

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