'HOP' Still in the United States Bestsellers

Animated film 'HOP' still became a favorite in the United States. Two weeks in succession, a movie about the Easter bunny was ranked the top box office.

This week, the film from director Tim Hill was able to sell tickets by $ 21.7 million. While the total revenue of the film featuring actor Russell Brand as the voice of his character that has reached U.S. $ 68.1 million, and ascertained will continue to grow.

Second place box office this week is a film also starring Russell, with the achievement of revenue worth U.S. $ 12.6 million. In this comedy, Russell plays a playboy boss, Arthur Bach.

'Arthur' is an adaptation of the film with the same title which was released in 1981 ago. Apart from Russell, the film also starring actress Jennifer Garner, Geraldine James, Helen Mirren, Greta Gerwig and Nick Nolte.

'Hanna', thriller, starring Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana landed at number three. The film from director Joe Wright had received U.S. $ 12.3 million.

While the four box-office rankings this week occupied by 'Soul Surfer' with a figure of U.S. $ 11.1 million revenue. This film is a biography of Bethany Hamilton, surfer girl whose hand was bitten by a shark at the age of 13. 'Soul Surfer' shows struggle of Bethany rise from catastrophy to become a professional surfer.

'insidiosus' which last week ranked the three must go down to number five. The film was only able to collect revenue to $ 9.7 million.

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