Allegations of U.S. intelligence, Pakistan Help in Hiding Osama

Osama bin Laden's death at the hands of U.S. Navy's elite forces, in Abbottabad, open a new curtain in the world of intelligence. This time Pakistan was accused of protecting U.S. fugitive. It related how Osama could infiltrate into the country. Moreover, the world's number one terrorist was killed not far from where the Pakistan military academy.

There are two allegations that raised in U.S. intelligence community yesterday. Osama infiltrated by Taleban from the border region into Pakistan. That was done because the situation on the border less secure. Another allegation was Osama captured long ago by Pakistani military intelligence (MI) and hidden in residential area near Abbottabad.

Members of MI, as leaked by WikiLeaks, some times ago continue to "flirt" with Taleban and Al Qaeda. MI was reported to have historical relationships with the Taliban. It reasonable because MI was forming Taleban. MI known very independent and away from the influence of Pakistani government.

Especially it was reported that the location of Osama hiding only a few hundred yards from the Pakistan Military Academy, an elite military training center in Pakistan. U.S. intelligence later received information from persons in MI about Osama's hiding. "Evidence, U.S. special forces supported by helicopter gunships could enter the territory of Pakistan. It will not happen if there are no cooperation with MI," said a source in the intelligence and the U.S. government, as reported by AP.

Pakistan's military suspected was behind the success of bin Laden escape from U.S. forces for nearly ten years. The suspicion had stipulated in confidential U.S. government documents. U.S. diplomats had been told that one of the main reasons for their failure to find Osama's military is Pakistan security forces are always run bin Laden when the U.S. military has approached its hiding location.

As reported by The Telegraph, intelligence Directorate of Pakistan was also accused of smuggling and escape Al Qaeda terrorists through the airport security system so they not get caught. Even Pakistan intelligence blamed sending units to Afghanistan to help the Taliban fight with his pursuers. U.S. government's allegations to the military and Pakistani intelligence had leaked by WikiLeaks.

All the allegations had only added to the list of questions about the ability of Pakistan to fight Al Qaeda. Last year British Prime Minister David Cameron caused a diplomatic uproar when he said that Pakistan could not "stand on two feet" in dealing with terrorism. The Pakistani government issued a strong counter to accusations of Cameron.

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