Nissan Leaf Won World Car of The Year 2011

Nissan Leaf Won World Car of The Year 2011
Nissan Leaf, electric cars made ​​by Nissan Motor Company, won the World Car of the Year in 2011 as excluding the Audi A8 sedan and BMW 5 Series in the annual World Car Award the carpet seventh in New York, United States, Thursday, April 21.

The award was represents sign for a new car that is claimed to have high performance and fuel efficient that is currently displayed in the the carpet of New York Auto Show 2011. Besides conventional-engined cars, also exhibited a number of electric and hybrid cars.

Another award, the World Green Car, given to the Chevrolet Volt electric car made ​​by General Motors. This car is capable to outperforms the BMW 320d and Nissan Leaf in that category.

Italian cars, Ferrari 458, successfully get a gift of World Performance Car. The car was beat SLS AMG Mercedes Benz and Porsche 911 Turbo.

The Aston Martin RAPIDE ranks first in category World Design Car. British luxury car that, put aside Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Ferrari 458.

Selection of the best car was made ​​by 66 automotive journalist from around the world.

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