Ford Will Produce "SUV Vertek" in China

Ford Vertek - Shanghai Auto Show 2011

Located at the Shanghai Auto Show 2011, Ford Motor Company announced their plan to introduce 15 new vehicles on the middle of this decade in China.

All new product made ​​by Ford are later claimed to have high quality, environmental friendly, safe, and smart.

One of the environmental friendly cars that will be launched and manufactured in China is the Ford Vertrek. But on mat this time, Ford is still showing the sport utility vehicle is in concept form.

Vertek using the latest technology EcoBoost engine with a capacity of 1600 cc four-cylinder in line. To make it more fuel efficient, Ford adds auto start-stop feature that automatically turn off the engine when the brake pedal is stepped on in a long time.

American car manufacturer are claiming that the system Auto-Start-Stop can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to 5 percent in a variety of driving conditions.

Remarkably, immediately after the driver prepares to walk, with start-stop technology to be smooth and instantly the machine will begin to burn, it only needs about 0.3 seconds to start the engine. This process was virtually undetectable.

However, Ford has not given details about the certainty when the car is manufactured, as well as its price.

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