Various Ways to Watch the Royal Wedding

Marriage between Kate Middleton and Prince William about the next few hours, but the euphoria of greeted the marriage is getting felt. Not just in England, but pairs of eyes all over the world ready for this wedding. Unfortunately, not everyone can attend directly at Westminster Abbey, but there are various ways you can do for view the celebration of love in this century.

TV and Radio

TV remains the easiest media to view the procession of Royal Wedding. Understandably Most people is TV consumer.

Several international TV stations such BBC, NBC, ITV1, Channel 5, and CNN also broadcast the Royal Wedding, and even broadcast news of Royal Wedding preparation strongly since 2 weeks earlier.

Of all the news stations, BBC is the most enthusiastic and intense "peeling" Royal Wedding excitement, even to anticipate tight procession, 850 crew was assigned to placed at every strategic corner in covering details of marriage.

BBC is the only media that broadcast the wedding procession from inside Westminster Abbey and Ed Stourton with host guided by Huw Edwards.

Live Video

Live video via Internet also could be an alternative. Call it AP Live, CBS News, ET, and the UK Press Association reports a live broadcast. Simply click on all the channels above to watch livestreaming that have been provided. Simple right? but make sure your internet connection is pretty friendly.

Youtube even "follow" in the Royal Wedding excitement. By holding Clarence House and St. James's Palace, YouTube livestreaming host the Royal Wedding. Livestreaming equipped commentary, historical background, maps, wedding book where you can send a message to William and Kate in Bentu video. And this is the first innovation in the history of YouTube.

Not to be outdone by YouTube, the BBC also perform livestreaming via the BBC website about 9 o'clock PM. On this page will be shown the opinion of the Editor Wedding (Millie Bratten), covering the field (Fraser McAlpine) and Mackenzie Wilson, who will ask for opinions from the fans and observers.

While streaming via ABC News can be accessed via, up for ABC News, and via ABC News app for iPad (iTunes link).

Facebook & Twitter

Kate and Willy are very lucky because they live in moment the technology had been developed and this is very much different from the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles that there was only a TV and radio as the mainstream media. Now the celebration of love between Kate and Willy can also be accessed via Facebook and Twitter.

For Facebook you can access page British Monarchy, while for those who like Twitter can "hunt" and follow news-marriage Twitter account @ ClarenceHouse, or if you are reluctant to follow, you can also access the official hastag Royal Wedding, # rw2011.

Twitter users is also highly recommended to follow the BBC correspondent (Peter Hunt) that will answer questions and guide you in the seconds before the main celebrations. BBC itself also will perform at your @ bbcroyalwedding tweet, tweet while CNN will live update via @ royalweddingCNN and the Today Shows will tweet via @ royalwedding.

Photo Collections

The official website of The Royal Weddingthat was released by the British Monarchy also contains a variety of photos before the big day activity was held. You can access Flickr with Britishmonarchy address. While Yahoo also make an account of The People's Royal Wedding Album and held a photo contest with prizes £ 5,000 for the best photos uploaded via Flickr before 3 May.

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