UK Operator to Upgrade Networks For Greet 'Royal Wedding'

The UK mobile networks engineers are working hard to increase the capacity in London and Bucklebury, home of Kate Middleton, as preparation for her marriage to Prince William.

This is accomplished to prevent breakdown of networks in that area considering the thousands of media crews and invited guests will come together to enliven the event called the biggest wedding throughout the decade.

A spokesman for Vodafone said it was set up 3G base stations in anticipation of increased portable users who make phone calls, SMS and Twitter and Facebook status updates simultaneously.

The operator also increased its network capacity in many important location point of marriage, especially in central London. O2 and Vodafone reportedly will set up temporary towers in St James Park and Hyde Park.

While the British Telecom seems to be more relaxed in their preparation. British Telecom just to increase bandwidth capacity on 217 Wi-Fi points along route of the couple William and Kate up to three times, each from 10Mbps to 30Mbps.

Unfortunately, two other operators, Orange and T-Mobile are reluctant to give details of their plans.

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