The documentary "Unlawful Killing" slams the British royal

British royal family are racists crown and Prince Philip are psychopathic female enthusiast. That's according to a provocative documentary film at the Cannes Film Festival, "Unlawful Killing" by Keith Allen.

The film revived the claim that Princess Diana, who loved the millions of people but it is considered shameful in the eyes of the kingdom, was killed by the English authorities. The film premiered in Cannes on Friday.

The title of the film was taken from the verdict of a British officer who investigated the death of Diana in a car crash in Paris in 1997. The jury decided the princess was killed unlawfully, but remove the conspiracy claim, blaming the vehicle driven by rough and speeding because the driver was drunk and chasing cars.

But, a movie starring actor Allen, father of singer Lily Allen, review the conspiracy theory put forward by Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son, Dodi, was a friend of Diana at the time and died in the mishap. Fayed, the millionaire former owner of the Harrods store in London, provides a total of 2.5 million pounds for the movie. He has long defend that his son and Diana were killed by British secret agents on the orders of authorities who fear of Diana's romance with a Moslem man.

The film opens with a prediction of Diana in a letter in 1995 to a friend that "my husband are planning an 'accident' in my car" and tried to dig holes in coronary investigation.

The documentary is more asked than answered. Who's in a white Fiat car that witnesses saw in the Alma Tunnel shortly before the accident? Was driver Henri Paul really drunk or someone contaminate the blood sample? Why French ambulance coming so late?

Allen said the documentary is a "forensic effort" against the legal process that does not make sense.

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