Facts About The Raid On Hideout of Osama Distorted By Washington

Guardian reported that many facts were distorted about the operation that have killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Many traces of Osama over there had been waived. At least, the American soldiers have brought a computer hard drive and valuable documents, including Bin Laden's bloody body, which is then buried at sea.

What are the facts that distorted from the raid? Here is the data that reported by the Guardian:

"This is silver!" Yasser, boy 12 years old, said. What was holding only a piece from an ordinary car exhaust. Overview from U.S. that bin Laden lives in a luxury mansion influence public of Pakistan, that al Qaeda leader was wallowing in wealth at the end of his life. An intelligence roaming the nearby seemed nervous, before grabbing the child by his hand and led him away.

A few hours after the death of Bin Laden, U.S. officials announced that Osama resist and therefore was shot by U.S. Navy special forces who raided the second floor and three from his hiding place. That fact was not true. Bin Laden was unarmed, was shot in the head and chest.

Other details mentioning he used one of his wives as human shields. In fact, his wife was wounded in the leg as she raced towards the commandos before she killed.

It was mentioned that Osama bin Laden safe house is a mansion worth millions of dollars in leases. In fact, high-walled house is far from that description, at least it visible from the peeling paint and untreated, and none from the rooms are air-conditioned.

Various details, however, remain obscure. U.S. officials changed their initial version to reveal that a woman who was killed in an attack on the complex was not Bin Laden's wives.

It is also not clear how Bin Laden, who cornered in a room on the third floor which is marked by shattered window glass, resist current U.S. army broke into his room.


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