Hot Water Bath Caused Heart Failure

Soak in hot water during cold weather is comfortable. However, these habits can lead to fatally. A study showed that heart failure "stalking" the owner of this habit.

Study of team led by Chika Nishiyama of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine School of Nursing is revealed, the case of heart failure while bathing increases 10 times more in winter than summer.

This fact is important for Japanese society, since most inhabitants love a hot bath for hours in order to calm down after a busy activity.

In Japan, many people stay long when the hot water bath because the traditional Japanese house not closed properly like a house in the West. "Additionally, the heater is rarely used," said Nishiyama. As quoted by the Straits Times.

Nishiyama and teams used data from 2005 to 2007 11,000 cases of heart failure in western Osaka prefecture as the basis of study. Based on the data, 22% of cases occur in sleep and 9%, while in the shower. About 3% of heart failure while working activity and 0.5% while exercising.

It is well known, as many as 54 cases of heart failure occurred in 10 million people while bathing. Then, 10 cases out of 10 million people occurred during exercise.

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