Finally, CIA released photos of Osama's body

Some people still doubt the news of the death of terrorist leader of Osama bin Laden, they think of Osama's death is a manipulation.

In response to such doubt, CIA published a photo of of Osama's body on Wednesday. About 15 photos after the shooting of Osama disclosed to U.S. senators and members of parliament.

Three photos were taken when the body of of Osama will be flown to the United States. In addition, also disclosed photos of Osama bodies that have been washed in accordance with Islamic teachings, and when floated out to sea.

Senator James Inhofe said that he had seen in the photo bin Laden remains dire with a single gunshot wound to the head from the eyes down to the ear.

U.S. does not want to show photos of Osama's body to the public for fear of hurting the people of Middle East. The existence of Osama photos is also feared would be a powerful weapon for propaganda against the United States.

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