Lindsay Lohan role a vampire in a performing arts

Lindsay a Vampire
Lindsay Lohan a Vampire (Photo:

Lindsay performed with fangs and red lipstick in a performance art. Lindsay wearing it attributes to describe a vampire in photo exhibition entitled 'Life Is Not Fairytale' in a building east of Los Angeles, Saturday night.

The photo exhibition itself was held by her friend, Tyler Shields who work as a photographer.

Shields told People that Lindsay loves vampires. Furthermore, Shields reinforcing it with a number of studies that prove that Lindsay is a fan of vampires.

Lindsay becomes a vampire in two poses, posing alone and another one with the star Vampire Diaries, Michael Trevino, as if to bite the neck of Lindsay.

Amid the scrutiny of legal cases that befell the former child actress, Tyler admitted that Lindsay is a talented actress.

Lindsay Tyler Shields took the picture about 20 times and nobody saw it. This is a proof that Lindsay is very photogenic. "She really should consider becoming a photo model,"said Tyler.

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