Hollywood Celebrity to Send Prayers for Sean Kingston Via Twitter

Once the news of a jet ski accident experienced by Sean Kingston circulating on the Internet, a number of Hollywood celebrities spontaneously express their prayers and condolences through social networking site Twitter.

Among the artists who praying for, tucked names Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.

Riri, Rihanna nickname, to twit simple, "we all pray for Sean."

What about Justin twit? Apparently Justin twit is rather long: "Pray for my friend @ seankingston tonight. Friends and true brothers. Please pray for him hopefully well soon."

Nicki Minaj, Friends of Kingston's duet in the song letting Go (Dutty Love), also to twit with simple:
"Love and prayers are with Sean Kingston and his family."

Furthermore, Carozza said that Kingson and his family thank to all who have sent words of prayer to him. While it, a representative from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told Local 10 that Sean and his girlfriend need medical attention.

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