How Osama Bin Laden Killed

Osama bin Laden was killed in a CIA-led intelligence operation when he was hiding in a mansion near the Pakistan military academy. In the operation on Sunday evening, a number of helicopters and ground troops were involved.

The arrest of bin Laden's hideouts in Pakistan territory apparently due to political pressure on Islamabad.

Mortal enemy of Pakistan, India, immediately issued a comment stating that story of Osama's death has highlighted its concern that terrorists have gained refuge in Pakistan.

A Reuters photographer in the valley town of Abbotabad told that the police have blocked roads to the area when the attack was launched.

A Pakistan military helicopter crashed near Abbotabad Sunday night, killing one soldier and two others injured, local media reported.

Not yet clear if this helicopter fall related with the death of bin Laden, but a number of witnesses heard first fierce firefight before one of two low-flying helicopter crashed near the Pakistan military academy.

Television footage showed a picture of someone who believed Osama bin Laden shot in his head, his mouth looks grinned.

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