Osama Bin Laden Taken Alive, Dragged to Helicopter And Then Executed By The U.S. Navy Seals

Osama's Death Facts

Shocking statement coming from a senior Pakistani security official quoted by the Arab news network, Al-Arabiya. Official said that Osama bin Laden's daughter said her father was captured alive in his hideout in Pakistan, dragged into the helicopter and then shot by U.S. Navy Seals

"Not a single bullet was fired from the house to U.S. troops and their helicopters. One of their helicopters having technical errors and falls, then its ruins left in the place". That is refutation of a Pakistani official refused to the U.S. claims there has been a bloody shootout.

It also states bin Laden family which saved, including six children and one of his wives, had been taken to a hospital in Rawalpindi.

Amal Al-hard, bin Laden's youngest wife, was shot on leg in the attacks, but she was saved.

In the early statement, U.S. officials declared bin Laden armed AK47 rifle and using his wife as shield when he was shot.

Anti-terror official John Brennan said, "There are families in the complex, and there is a woman which, in fact, reportedly used as shield to protect bin Laden from gunfire."

But last night, the White House says Bin Laden was not armed when U.S. forces arrested and killed in the attack Sunday night in the house.

The existence of such two versions have obscure the facts of the incident.

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