Probe Storyline in Modern Warfare 3

Probe Storyline in Modern Warfare 3

Activision did not give details on the Modern Warfare 3 story line, but through a video that was circulating, gamers can already guess, like what this game later.

There are several scenes in the video duration 2 minutes. Starting from the ruins of the city of New York, until the shootout at various places. The video was a bit indicating world war 2.

Here are the guesses storyline in Modern Warfare 3.

There does not appear previously known characters
No faces or Soap MacTavish Captain Price in the video. This means that the storyline is different from the previously estimated. However, Activision could provide a surprise if the approaching launch later.

Battle at sea
Samples Modern Warfare 3 aired a submarine equipped with advanced weaponry to fight. This means players will have the opportunity to taste the thrill navy.

French Allies or Enemies?
There is footage of the Eiffel tower in Modern Warfare 3, then it's clear if this game will bring players to fight in Paris. But players will could not known allied with France, or even become their major enemy.

Modern Warfare 3 plan would be released on November 8, 2011 for various platforms such as PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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