The Reasons Why U.S. Shooting Die Osama

White House stated, if it could, they prefer to capture Osama bin Laden alive. However, he did fight, so that being shot. This was the beginning version of white House.

Option to kill Osama considered better, this decision based on the White House. It also takes time according to them. So it was not determined since the beginning. This is a revised version of white House.

Then why should shooting an unarmed person?

white House also changed his story. Recently, they said that Osama uses his wife as a shield. Then, a day afterwards, they clarify what they say. White House says Osama's wife threw herself to one or two soldiers who entered their room.

Osama's wife was later revealed named Amal al hard, also known to be unarmed. Description given, she quite hysterical, desperate, and begged her husband left alive. Amal was shot on her foot, while Osama was shot on the head and chest.

White House spokesman, Jay Carney is now called the phenomenon "Fog of War" as he explained an ambush situation. Unfortunately, he did not provide detailed information about it.

United States itself, does not provide an official statement about this shooting. Reuters news agency based on information from several anonymous sources said, the idea was originally just simply arresting and interrogating Osama. But Guantanamo is no longer accept new prisoners. CIA also has the option to
imprisoning Osama in prison that really closed and high-level targets. However, this also became raw because the current policy of an Obama administration does not permit it.

Still according to Reuters sources, Osama, regarded as the highest target, even if entered into the Guantanamo prison, can not be guaranteed to get adequate treatment. Even if taken alive, it is doubtful he could provide information regarding his organization. At the end of the report, Reuters wrote: Osama for many reasons considered better off dead.

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