Eminem Suicide Sasha Grey Causes!

Looking at figure of Eminem with a success and all his accomplishments, it seems almost impossible that the rapper is taking his own life. But, that the because love of his life on Sasha Grey, Eminem may or may not commit suicide?

The answer is, it might be for Eminem. In his latest video clip for the song Space Bound, directed by Joseph Kahn, director for the video clip Love the Way You Lie, has just been released and show a surprising story, with Eminem who took his own life.

As complicated love story that exist in the video clip before, Space Bound showing relationships forged "The Slim Shady" with a Sasha Grey, who became the star of this video clip.

Video clip opens with a picture of Eminem who was walking on the foggy streets before finally riding into the car driven by the former movie star hot. There are two featured Eminem in the video clip, one of which looks calm and confusion, while others, who appear invisible, always outspoken in expressing his opinion.

Although different, but both are 'suffering' because of his love for Sasha and ended his life by shooting himself in the head. Curious? Check it out!

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