Obama Predicted to Lose 2012 Elections

Obama intentionally making agenda withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan as a foundation toward the 2012 presidential election. Populist policies were expected to be a penance on the conditions of the U.S. economy is profanity.

But winning back the trust the American people not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. ''It looks like he (Obama) would lose the 2012 elections,''said Karl Rove to Wall Street Journal last Wednesday.

Senior Republican politicians were convinced that Obama will not be re-elected. The reason, he faces four serious problems. Namely, the economy, voters, policy that is not popular, and essentially a bad strategy.

In the field of economy, Obama not only faced with a slowing U.S. economy. Even more significant was the unemployment. Currently, the U.S. jobless rate reaches 9.1 percent. That is, about 14 million Americans are unemployed.

Economic stimulus which he launched in February 2009 also failed to cut unemployment rose after the global crisis. If Obama believes in June last year on U.S. economic growth, now the facts speak otherwise. Last week, he pulled back the phrase optimistic about economic growth in Uncle Sam's country. He also had to admit the failure of the economic program which he applied.

The recognition was made ​​Obama's popularity dropped. Wednesday, Bloomberg poll noted support for the Hawaii-born leader is just 34 percent. That's the lowest support for Obama since the first president. So far, the lowest support for Democrats is always in the range of 44 percent.

According to Rove, the unemployment rate to one of the most decisive factor in future U.S. president. The last re-elected president even though the unemployment rate above 7.2 percent was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It happened in 1936. Roosevelt's leadership post, no president is re-elected as government record unemployment rates above 7.2 percent.

Besides the economy, especially unemployment, Obama is also troubled by the voters. U.S. Jews reportedly disappointment over Obama's policies towards Israel. Moreover, Obama recently gave its support to the establishment of a Palestinian state. Emphatically, he actually supports the borders of Israel and the Palestinians set before 1967. The decision was detrimental to Israel for the West Bank and Gaza Strip into the Palestinian territories.

Not only the Jews, the various layers of U.S. society disappointed in Obama. Last Tuesday, the agency Gallup poll reported that support from community groups in the U.S. against Obama dropped an average of 20 points. Support of U.S. whites fell 25 points. The support of the elderly fell 24 points. Support from independent groups and scholars were down 23 points. Support from the lower middle class people fell by 22 points.

Obama policies are not populist would also contribute to the possibility of its defeat in 2012. Rove called the health insurance policy as one of the factors that make the Democrats lose a lot of noise. Currently, support for Obama health insurance policy called ObamaCare is only the remaining 38 percent. In fact, last March, still 41 percent.

Meanwhile, the strategies that he applied a lot of government ended in failure. The most severe is to position itself as a candidate for president in 2012 as the term of office is still running. He was too early campaigns. As a result, the focus of its leadership split as too ambitious to be president again. Obama has ignored many important things.

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