Former First Lady Betty Ford Dies

Former First Lady Betty Ford has died at the age of 93 years. In the age of 93 years, Betty Ford is a former occupant of the White House among the oldest residents of the palace of former U.S. president.

Women's full name is Elizabeth Ann Bloomer Warren Ford is famous as the founder of the Betty Ford Center Addiction in California. She is a brilliant speaker warning about breast cancer, equal rights amendment, and the handling of victims of violence.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan in a statement expressing her sadness. "She has provided inspiration for all people through her efforts to educate the community about breast cancer and has run a good job at the Betty Ford Center," She said.

In the meantime, former U.S. President George HW Bush also commented about the death of Betty Ford. According to him, Betty Ford is the figure of a wife and mother-friendly, a good friend, and a supportive mother country.

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