Google + Has Lost Its 'sparkle'?

Google + again made ​​history as the fastest growing social network having managed to reach 18 million members this weekend. However, Google's social networking that just shows the signal has lost its 'sparkle'.

The reason Google + did not successfully meet the expectations of the co-founder of, Paul Allen, who predict that Google + will reach 20 million members, last weekend. In fact, Google's growth rate actually recorded + dropped 50 percent.

"Last week we saw more than two million new members who sign up for Google + every day. If the rate of growth continues, Google + has managed to reach 20 million users last Sunday night," said Allen, as quoted by Mashable, Thursday (07/21/2011) .

"But over the last four days on average + Google can only get 948 thousand new members every day. Yesterday the site was even just add 763 thousand users," added Allen.

"Google's growth rate + yesterday, ie 4.47 percent, is the lowest point since Google started to open invitation to the public, 6 July," he said again.

Why social networks that expected to reduce the dominance of Facebook is starting to fade? Allen claims this is because Google + has not been getting the same promotion as other Google services. The reason until recently Google + new members still have to rely on invitations from users that already have an account.

Allen believes if Google + started being promoted on YouTube or, the rate of growth of social networking that will re-shot.

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