Rafael Nadal Heartening Murray in the Wimbledon Final After Conquer Him

Public expectations of the United Kingdom to witness their representatives, Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final have been dashed after Rafael Nadal beat him.

As the host player, fair if Murray is expected to penetrate the final Grand Slam. Moreover, Britain had long felt no triumph in world tennis.

However, amid the overflow of Murray's hopes of actually re-shuffling. Through Murray's fierce opposition should recognize the benefits of the defending champion who performed brilliantly.

But, it does not mean Murray should be discouraged. Nadal continue to provide moral support. The Spaniard even called Murray as the participant's best Grand Slam other than tranquilizers.

"Andy Murray did not win the Grand Slam today, but he was far better than many players who won Grand Slam in recent years," said Nadal.

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